Thursday, June 17, 2010


Started fine. Mary and I went off to a secondhand bookshop she knows - Lloyd Zimmer's - and we started browsing like good little bookophiles. Great little shop. Plenty of American stuff of course, but not much from elsewhere. The guy didn't know who Enid Blyton was, that surprised me. Mostly non-fiction too. I found one book on Australia. There may have been more but I saw only the one. Found a great little set of Shakespeare that I'm going to go back and buy and send back to Clare. Too much of a bargain to pass up. Lloyd gave us a DVD on the history of Topeka - I think Mary was secretly trying to buy it for me but got it for free. Of course, DVD players at home are set to a different region and won't play US discs, but I can watch it on the computer so it's all good.
We browsed for about half an hour and were about to leave (I wanted to check out some music shops) when the heavens opened and the winds blew.
We were trapped!
Of course, if you're going to be trapped then there's no better place than a bookshop. So we browsed some more.
Once the wind died down we made it to the car - which was right outside, but we still got soaked. So we came home.
Richard was watching The Book Of Eli (Denzel Washington) so I watched some of that. Kind of like a (much) more violent cross between The Postman and Mad Max. Richard liked it but it didn't really grab me.
Just for a change we had an early night. I think we needed it!!
Off to see some buffalo today. Should be fun.


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Shirl said...

too much fun!!! and your comments are back!