Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oceanside day 2

Didn't do much this morning except watch the French Open on TV.
Walked into town for lunch. The street outside the motel goes straight to the beach where I had a look at the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Wasn't too impressed with the colour of the sand - a bit grey and dirty looking. Then I walked along The Strand to the pier. Had lunch at the Cabo Grill, a Mexican place. Shrimp (prawn) and crab burrito - not bad at all. Also had my first ever margherita. Tequila at lunchtime!!
Wandered about a bit more but bad sock placement has given me a blister on the ball of my foot. Ouch!
Caught a taxi back to the motel where I've had a bit of a snooze - internal time clock is still a bit out of whack I think.

Currently watching Fox News. Ahahahahahaha!

Everyone so far has been really friendly and helpful - even the 2 different lots of lads asking to buy a cigarette from me were friendly about it. Cigarettes, by the way, are half the price here that they are at home.
Oceanside is a pretty town - lots of palm trees along the streets. Seems easy enough to get around without getting too lost :)
There's a sunset market on Thursday which I think I might go to. Sounds cool.

Oh dear - just saw an ad that tells me that the use of asbestos is still not banned in the USA.
Ooh, the next ad has an Australian voice. 1800packrat - some sort of moving business. I recommend him hahaha.

Oh god, I have to turn this hannity guy off, he's a moron.



Janet said...

Yeah, don't watch Fox...your head will explode!

Shirl said...

Watch Fox!

How's the jet lag going? Is it a bit strange to find yourself on[the-other-side-of-the-world? How long will you be on the left coast? Fireflies should be popping by the time you get to Michigan!

Julie said...

No Shirl, no more Fox for me. The jet lag caught up with me a bit today. I'll be here till the 9th and then off to the Grand Canyon.

sharon said...

FOX Noise - thank all you Aussies so much for Mr. Murdoch - can't tell yo how much we appreciate him. :-)