Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday - Oceanside

Went down to the harbour for lunch today. Had a very ordinary seafood salad at Robin's Nest Cafe. It looked good but the shrimps and crab were very watery and, therefore, tasteless. Frozen, not fresh. Oh well.
Wandered around the marina and along the beach for a bit after lunch. Cool music outside a coffee shop - latiny jazzy sort of stuff. Nice guitar work. Saw some little squirrels along the rocks that line the marina walkway. They live in the rocks apparently. Their tails don't sit up along their backs like squirrels' tails are supposed to so I thought they were giant rats at first. But I was told they are squirrels so there you go.
Feel a bit blah after lunch so have come back to the motel.

Taxi driver today asked me if my accent was real or fake.