Monday, June 28, 2010

Met Diane today

I've known Diane for a few years now on the internet, Shirl has known her for much longer. So today we drove over to Holly, a town near Flint, Michigan, and actually met the lady. Cool dude she is.
There's a lot of stuff going on that Diane has to deal with and, gee, I admire her positive attitude and down to earthiness. There's a lady with her head screwed on the right way!
Glad to have met you Diane, shine on! :)

Currently sitting in Barnes and Noble using their free wifi. Finally got some pics uploaded to flickr - been trying for three days and it was driving me nutso! I've got so many photos already, it's hard to choose what to post. I hope the folks at home are getting to see them.
The swan shots are my favourite pics so far. So lucky to spot them as they were mostly hidden behind a stand of small trees along a river bank.


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dianeofarcadia said...

It really was great to meet you too Julie. I think it is so cool you are able to take this grand tour of a trip - have an awesome journey!!