Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oceanside day 3

Felt pretty fuzzy this morning – jet lag I suppose. So did nothing for the morning except check for emails from home (none!)(though there are some this evening. Phew!) and watch the golf channel. 60 odd channels on the TV and the only thing watchable was golf. Make of that what you will.
Felt better by mid-afternoon so caught a taxi into town ($8). Walked down the pier and had some pretty ordinary chicken at Ruby's Diner. It was like Kentucky Fried before it became KFC. Came with three dipping sauces: BBQ, which was good; honey & mustard, which was sweeter than I'm used to; and ranch, which was pretty yuck.
From there I went to the Sunset Market – street market they have every Thursday here. Pretty much like every other street market I've seen, except bigger. Lots of food and craft stalls. Saw a guy with no arms playing guitar with his feet. That was impressive!
Wandered the market for an hour or so but saw a stall selling Aussie grape juice and that made me go all homesick. So I found a bar, had a martini and caught a taxi back to the motel. Had a bit of a sook but I'm okay now. Bound to happen I suppose.
Found out I can watch the Saints on tonight – at 2.30am!!! So the plan is to get some early sleep and wake up to watch the match, then sleep again. Hahaha. Wish me luck.
Also found out today that Oceanside was originally a military town – there's a big marine base nearby apparently. Taxi driver (from Boston!) told me that it's only in the last 15 years or so that the town has been safe for families as it used to be just nightclubs and hard drinking marines and "vice". I'd never have guessed because it seems a really nice, peaceful place – a tourist place. It does, however, explain the navy ships I can see offshore and the constant toing and froing of helicopters throughout the day.
Might go to Carlsbad tomorrow - the next town down the coast. It has a music museum that looks interesting. And Legoland. Might be worth a look.
I'm meeting up with Sharon (smacss on flickr) on Saturday. That should be great.


sharon said...

Hi Julie - hope you don't mind another follower - O-side still is a military town - sometimes there are more Marines hanging around than others - what they have in common is that they are terribly young. Or maybe I am old - whatever. It is much better than it used to be. You can walk to Carlsbad if you like - it's about two miles down Coast Highway - has a nice town center - they are a bit snooty tho :-) Have you gotten to the Marina - Dominic's is the best. Have a good Friday.

Julie said...

Haven't got to the marina yet. Got a blister on my foot so don't feel like walking too far. I'll take a taxi to Carlsbad, not too far. I've noticed lots of military references around town, now I know why :)
See you saturday :)

Janet said...

Say hi to Sharon for me!

Jack'o said...

Grape Juice??? Yuck