Sunday, June 20, 2010

Been on the train for fifty years. I can't get off.

Up at 4am to catch the 5am train from Topeka to Chicago. Actually, I stayed up all night. Stupid thing to do. I was kind of hoping Mary would sleep in and I'd be forced to stay another day.
I think I slept a bit on the train. Had the world's worst hot dog from the snack bar 'cos I missed the lunch calls. Not much to see while crossing Illinois except corn. And more corn.
Chicago is, of course, huge. My flickr friend Barbara met me at the station and then we walked miles to the other side to catch a suburban train to her place. I'm thankful she did as I might still be wandering around Union Station looking for a way out.
We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant - good food and the chef, who cooked at the table, was entertaining.
By the time we got back to Barbara's I was exhausted. And inexplicably teary. Barbara must think I'm a nutcase. And she'd probably be right.
Anyway, I'll be back on the train this afternoon. Chicago to East Lansing and my oldest internet friend - Shirl !!! Woohoo, after all these years it's finally going to happen.
Missing the Flynns.


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