Sunday, June 13, 2010

Been on the train for fifty years

Up at 3am, on the bus at 4 and on the train at 4.45am. There's no station at Williams Junction, the train just stops in the middle of nowhere. The trip went east (and a bit north I think) through Arizona, New Mexico, a bit of Colorado and Kansas. 24 hours later I arrived at Topeka where Mary was waiting to pick me up. She and her husband, Richard, are great and have made me feel so welcome. I'm a lucky girl :)
I'm pretty buggered after the train trip though so will sleep for a while today. It's raining anyway. Never seen so much rain as I have while traversing Kansas!
Bought some Indian jewellery at Albuquerque where the train stopped for about 40 minutes. Don't know how authentic it is, probably not very, but it looks cool.
Off to check photos from the trip. Later....