Monday, June 14, 2010


I can't tell you how welcome I feel here. Truly too cool. Richard keeps quizzing me on things Australian and I'm slowly teaching him how to speak the language properly, haha.
We went for a drive to Kansas City and back today - the place is nowhere near as flat as I'd been led to believe. The roads go up and down quite a bit!! There was a nasty accident on the way back so we had to take a detour. Got a bit lost (and the natives were driving!) but it was kind of fun to see the back roads. Checked out the original Kansas capital when it was a territory - ie, before it became a proper state. Tiny little town and a big white box of a building. Took some pics will I'll probably post tomorrow.
The architecture here is really interesting. The high school looks amazing and I hope to get the chance to go back and take some photos. Same with the government building (the Capitol?) - looks impressive too. The houses are cool too - all sorts of shapes and sizes and I've seen plenty that I really like. Must take some pics.
Had my first American steak tonight. Huge (of course) but very nice. We ate in a steakhouse restaurant where they still allow smoking inside! Been a long while since I've seen that. It'll change in 2 weeks though when the No Smoking inside laws become statewide. No helmets required on bikes either (motorcycles and bicycles).
Anyway, Happy Camper over and out.