Friday, June 11, 2010

Grand Canyon

Is truly grand. Went back to get some sunset shots and am glad I did. The actual sunset area looked tiny - little patch of red over one section of the canyon rim. But, thinking about it, it was probably a huge area. There was a bit of cloud about so there was some great colour in the sky.
Missed sunrise at 5 this morning though, by about an hour, so stayed in bed and watched the opening game of the World Cup on TV instead.
It's now 10.30am here and I'm sitting in the hotel's main area uploading photos, checking email, etc. The train back to Williams Junction leaves at 3.30 this afternoon so I've got plenty of time to wander round for another look at the Canyon. Will try to get to an area I didn't see yesterday. They have free shuttle buses that take people to the main viewing areas so that's cool.
Saw some people riding the mules yesterday - they go right down to the bottom and stay overnight. If I had more time I might be tempted - although the temperatures down there are much hotter than at the top, so maybe I wouldn't be. It's actually a bit chilly today and all my keep warm clothes are packed away, waiting to be loaded on to the train. Might have to go buy a Grand Canyon top to keep warm in :)
Saw a deer and a squirrel yesterday - that's it for wildlife so far.
This afternoon I go back to Williams Junction for the night. Well, part of it anyway. I have to catch the bus at 4am to catch the train at 4.30am which will take me to Kansas and Mary.
Time to upload some more photos.