Friday, June 4, 2010

That was a dumb idea.

Stayed up till 2.30am last night and watched the Saints game on the internet. Slept till about 1 this afternoon so didn't make it to Carlsbad, or anywhere else.
I think I'm still on Melbourne time as I don't seem to be properly awake till about 4pm, which is 9am at home.


Bronwyn said...

How's it going? Found the blog and have read of your travels so far. Have you met up with your friend yet? You will probably reset your clock when you don't stay up to watch the footy! Great that you can still watch it. How long will you be in LA? Thought the people would be nice but the tipping is a bit much. At least the service sounds good. Not much news here. Report writing. Will check your blog later. Enjoy your trip. Bronnie

Your sister Clare said...

Cripes - I wrote a big blerb and then the comment-nazi thingo made me jump through so many hoops it's all lost. Short version: Glad America is looking after you, wish it would look after poorly paid hospitality staff. Love from your sister, Clare xxxx