Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I've noticed so far....

Taxis turn up within 5 minutes of being called. If only that happened at home...
Ciggies and alcohol are much cheaper, even taking the exchange rate into account. Sweet :)
Water drains down the plug hole the other way.
Light switches are upside down - I keep turning lights on instead of off, and vice versa.
Power plugs/outlets at the wall have no on/off switch. That means there's power running all the time. Wastage.
Traffic! Never seen so many cars in my life - and they're all on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!!
TV - over 60 channels to choose from but less variety than the 5 channels (plus their digital spin offs) at home. All American stuff too. No British shows or Aussie shows or European shows that I've discovered so far. Each channel I've seen, so far, seems to repeat the same thing over and over.
I can't hear any birds in the morning.
Very few white people work in the service industries - the motel, bars, restaurants, etc.
People are very friendly.
I'm beginning to think that the friendliness of service workers is a thing learned by rote, however. "Have a nice day" "How's your drink?" "Do you need anything else?" etc etc etc. It's all to do with......

TIPS. At home we tip if the food/drinks/service/etc deserve it. It's not a given. If the service is shit then there's no tip. If the food's ordinary, there's no tip. Etc.
Not so here. The tip is actually a part of the person's income. It appears they rely on tips.
That's outrageous.
I've been getting my bills for stuff and they all have calculations at the bottom: 15% equals x, 18% equals y, 20% equals z. So you know how much to tip.

Why are these people not paid sufficient wages in the first place????

I have left tips though, and more than the minimum - except at Ruby's Diner. They didn't deserve it. My biggest tips have been to the taxi drivers because they're so quick to respond. They should all move to Melbourne :)


Janet said...

The power plugs/outlets have switches in Australia? how cool! I just unplug everything.

I have BBC on my're welcome to watch it :-)

As for the service industries ... it depends where in the US you are...up here, it's mostly white folks.

Jack'o said...

Our Taxi service is pathetic!!!!

sharon said...

I don't know where to begin :-) But, in all my travels I've never seen plugs with on/off switches - hmm.

I'm absolutely positive you will find more wonders the longer you are in the States. Gotta love it.

carshamus said...

Had to laugh at the light switch comment, I never got used to it and I had forgotten it til you mentioned it. It was weird. Imagine us driving in all this straight off the plane, its a wonder we survived lol ;) There was me screaming that we were on the wrong side of the road and we WERE supposed to be lol ;) I did not like that tips were EXPECTED, i guess you just off off the service you get, like you said ;) Car

carshamus said...

I cannot leave a comment on your newer posts grrrrrrrrrrr :) Car