Friday, June 11, 2010

More Grand Canyon

Since I last posted I caught a shuttle bus to Yevapai point and got some more shots of the Canyon. I only had the baby camera today as the real one was packed away for transport back down here to Williams. I've had a quick look at the pics and they look fine. I could have used the 5D but it would have meant taking the big camera bag with me all day and the fuji option was too easy. The way this tour works is that I checked out of my room but my luggage was still there - they collect it and move it down to the hotel here - it was all waiting in my room when I arrived. I did carry the computer around all day so I could use it this morning, so the baby camera had to do.
The problem with the baby camera is that I can't really see what I'm looking at - the screen just goes black in any sort of sunlight. I think it did okay though.
Anyway, photos will be up on flickr later.

Kept running into the same American couple yesterday and today and we ended up having dinner together tonight. They did a helicopter trip over the Canyon today. Said it was awesome. The helicopter has a wide angle video camera which captures the canyon from side to side in one go and they bought a dvd of it.

Altitude is a strange thing. I've been fine when I'm moving - on the train, bus, walking - but when I stop it's like I'm on a boat. That vaguely "everything's spinning or rocking" sort of feeling - except with no alcohol involved. Quite weird. It doesn't last long fortunately.

I went into town here at Williams to get cigarettes. Wish I'd known where I was actally going 'cos I would have taken the camera. I was on Route 66. And I have no photo to prove it. Damn.
There was a huge street party going on with live music - thought about hanging round till I realised it was a bikie gathering. Harleys everywhere. Made a quick beeline back to the hotel.

Anyway, I have a wake-up call booked for 3am tomorrow so I can get up in time to catch the 4am bus to get me to the 4.30am train to Topeka, Kansas. Arriving Topeka 5.10am the next day, which I think is Sunday.
So, off to upload photos to flickr and then to bed...