Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kennedy Space Centre

Interesting place. $41 plus tax to get in on an ordinary day pass or $62 plus tax if you want to get up close and personal with the launch pads. We chose the cheaper option. Included in the ticket is a bus tour which takes in a stop at a gantry with reasonable views of the two Shuttle launch pads, the Apollo/Saturn V exhibit and the place where they work on stuff for the International Space Station. You can also take in a couple of IMAX 3D films and visit various other showcases along the way. We were there for about 8 hours and didn't see it all. As well as the tour spots we also looked at the Shuttle exhibit, the Rocket Garden, the memorial to astronauts killed in action and the souvenir shop :) Giant phallic symbols everywhere you looked.
A lot of the science went way over my head but it was interesting nonetheless. If you're a space nut you'll love this place.

Today... not much. We all went out for breakfast which then turned into lunch. I came across the first waitress in all my travels so far who genuinely interacted with her customers. Such a pleasant change not to have the robotic "Is everything alright here?" Garden Bistro in Lakeland if you're ever passing through.
Currently: doing laundry.

One more day here then on Monday it's back to Boston to catch my flight to the UK.


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