Tuesday, July 20, 2010


No dramas on the flight from Boston to Orlando. Phew!
The first thing I noticed about Florida is, surprise, surprise, it's hot!
I'm staying with the lovely Sheryl and her family in Lakeland - about halfway between Orlando and Tampa.
Houses are pretty much all single storey around here, which reminded me more of home than any of the other places I've been. Sheryl tells me that's because of hurricanes, not for any aesthetic reasons! Hurricanes. :o
Lakeland is a pretty town - lots of lakes of course. Haven't seen any alligators yet though. There's a cool record shop in town: Evolution Records, selling mostly vinyl. The young guy there was so passionate about his shop, his plans for it, etc. Too cool.
On the way out from the airport we drove by the Disney complex. That's not a theme park, that's a city! Disney owns Florida apparently. Could be true too.
I've also been warned that the KKK has a big presence down here. Sheryl told me how a women's centre here couldn't be built for years and years because the Klan blocked it. Unbelievable. I just don't understand what makes people like that tick.
The big statue in the park in town is of a Confederate soldier. I'm in the CSA (Confederate States of America) down here!
I'd better be careful what I say in public ;)

I think we're off to photograph a lake or two tonight. Hoping for a gator pic :) Then off to Daytona on Wednesday.


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