Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just chillin'

I've had a couple of lazy days doing not much, just enjoying the rest. Janet and Megan have taken me out and about - shopping, dinner, etc. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is an interesting looking town. Good restaurants and shops that don't stock the usual, generic, tourist fare. I have to resist buying stuff though because I've got no room in my case for much of anything.
Today I decided to walk into downtown Lowell. It's only a 2 or 3 mile stroll but it damned near killed me! It's hot in Massachusetts! Hot and humid. I took shelter in Barnes & Noble so now, of course, I have a couple more books - so much for not buying stuff!
I bought Hammer of the Gods - the not so accurate biog of Led Zeppelin and Wild Ducks Flying Backward: the Short Writings of Tom Robbins. I thought the latter would come in handy while travelling, just to dip into here and there. Plus I've always liked Tom Robbins' writing.
Also got a cool Kerouac t-shirt. Sadly it doesn't say "On The Road" though, that would have been perfect :)
Off out to dinner shortly..... vegetarian tonight. Mmmmm.


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Shirl said...

hehe . . . you and bookstores!