Saturday, February 19, 2011


From York I headed north east to the little village of Goathland. It's the setting of the recently deceased TV series Heartbeat. Many of the shops still carry the fictional name of Aidensfield but the pub has reverted to the Goathland name already. The place is right in the Yorkshire Moors area - bleak. Very bleak.


From there I headed to Whitby on the coast. Even bleaker! The wind is freezing. Whitby is a harbour town, so lots of fishing boats on the water. It's also the place where Captain James Cook first learned to sail and joined the merchant navy. In case you don't know, he's the bloke that discovered the east coast of Australia and claimed it for England.

Bark Endeavour Whitby

I wandered up the hill to Whitby Abbey only to find it was closed. How one can close an open ruin is a mystery, but closed it was. By then I was freezing - you know that sort of cold that is painful - mainly from the wind. So I got back in the warm car and headed for Scarborough, another popular coastal town. Got up this morning to find it's even colder and raining. Snowing in some parts apparently. I might just head back to Liverpool because it's no fun being out and about in this miserable weather.


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