Sunday, February 27, 2011

On the road (again)

Well here I am in Roma. Flew from Manchester to Zurich, then Zurich to Rome. Non direct flights are a pain but it does mean you get fed twice. Swiss Air do a reasonable cheese roll :) (Much better than the soggy bacon butty that British Airways provide.) The second leg of the journey was a bit nerve wracking though. Up close and personal with a thunder storm. Storm clouds are quite impressive from above but I wasn't so happy to fly through them, especially with lightning flashing all around. Heavy rain and turbulence too. I was happy to land!
I have a nice little Fiat to drive around for the next month. TimTamTom (my satnav/GPS) knows his way around Rome so I found the hotel without too much drama. Clean and tidy but...... no wireless signal in the bedroom. Major drawback. Clearly it works in other areas of the hotel - just as well.
So... Rome. I've had mixed reports about the city: some people love it, others have been not so glowing. I'll reserve my judgement till I've had a look around for myself, starting tomorrow.


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9fragments - CJStrahan said...

Glad your timtam knows where it's going :D