Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kinsale to Waterford

It was about 2 in the afternoon when I got out of the hotel. Watching the Saints beat Geelong was so sweet :)
I went up the hill, around the harbour to Charles Fort, a 17th century fort which overlooks Kinsale. The walls are intact - in fact, they're so thick I doubt anything could knock them down. The buildings inside are all gutted though as the place was burned out during the civil war in 1922. Great views of the bay and harbour. However, it was very hazy and grey so not so good for photography.
It was about 4 by the time I'd finished wandering around so I decided to take the highway towards Cork. The roads on this side of the country seem to be in much better condition. I guess it's the more populated side of the country, more traffic, etc. Anyway, 20 or 30 kilometres down the road and all of a sudden I'm in peak hour traffic. Ugh! I got stuck on the ring road and just followed the traffic round endless roundabouts. No idea where I was. Finally saw a sign to Waterford so I pushed my way into the left lane and off I went. Didn't see Cork at all. I'm sure I've missed some interesting stuff. Oh well.
The road to Waterford was busy but not excessively so. The main thing I noticed was the blanket of haze across everywhere - not sure what it was: smoke or smog maybe. Made everything a uniform grey and very hazy. Didn't bother stopping for scenery shots as a result.
Finally got to Waterford about 7.30/8pm. Stopped at the first hotel I came to - right on the river. There's plenty to look at in the town and surrounds. I want to chase up some of Waterford's Viking history if I can. Today though, I think I'll do the indoor thing - the crystal glass factory, churches, etc. Mainly because it's pouring with rain :( I hope it's not going to rain for all of my last week in Ireland. That would suck.

Driving in Ireland is an interesting experience. Once you're off the main roads it's better to trust your instincts than the road signs. So many times I've followed a sign to such-and-such, 2km.... then 2km down the road is an intersection or junction and no sign to tell you which way such-and-such is, or how far. Plus the roads get very narrow, VERY narrow. It's an adventure alright! :) Everything's fine until another vehicle appears, coming the other way. That can be interesting!
The most annoying thing is the number of Audi drivers rushing up behind, wanting to speed past. Pushy drivers in Ireland ALL drive Audis. If I see one coming I just find somewhere to pull over. I hate being tailgated.
I love the signs on main roads when you're approaching a town or village. Instead of saying "Traffic lights (or roundabout) ahead" they say "Traffic Calming". I just think that's gorgeous :) Traffic calming. Makes me smile every time I see such a sign.

Time to go explore Waterford.

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braioni said...

hehe I love traffic calming! Very soothing :D it's all gonna be alright.