Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Gotland is an island off Sweden's east coast, in the Baltic Sea. It has lots of historical goodies to investigate.
I managed to find my way from Akersberga, through Stockholm in morning peak hour, to Nynashamn - about 50kms south of Stockholm. From there I caught the ferry (officially the biggest ship I've ever been on) to Visby, the main town on Gotland. The ferry trip is about 150kms and takes about 3 and a half hours. The weather in Nynashamn was clear but deteriorated markedly as we got closer to the island. The Baltic Sea has quite large swells - you have to admire the seafarers of the past who conquered it with just a couple of sails and some oars.
My hotel is walking distance from the ferry terminal - I have a perfect view of it from my window :-/
I'm facing west so was hoping for a decent sunset. Ha. Blanket cloud and rain is all I got. I went for a wander around part of the old town here but gave up after half an hour or so. Found a place to eat and shelter from the rain instead. I can't remember the last time I was so cold. I took a few snaps with the baby camera but only a few are usable. The rest have big raindrop smudges across them :(

Cute street

Haha, I'm in Gotland, Sweden and ate at a place called O'Leary's which is run by a couple of Spanish guys and serves Mexican and American style food and Irish beer. Go figure.

I woke up to more rain but it seems to have stopped at the moment so I'm off to explore.

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