Thursday, August 26, 2010

Limerick - sort of.

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster photography-wise. I went off to have a look at King John's Castle and several other attractions in Limerick. But I committed a cardinal sin and didn't check the camera's batteries first. I got some shots of the castle before the battery went flat - no probs, I've got another one. Flat too. Grrr! Not only that, but I also didn't check camera settings and got a bunch of shots of pure whiteness - using indoor setting outdoors. Gawd. Send me back to beginner's class.
Anyway..... the castle itself was a bit disappointing in that there's not much there except the shell. There are two round towers and the main entrance but the insides are empty for the most part. There are a couple of displays in the towers but not much else. Perhaps I shouldn't have seen it so soon after Bunratty which is chock full of stuff. Mind you, the castle was built in about 1210 so I shouldn't really be surprised that most of it has gone.
What is interesting are the archaeological digs on site. One is outside in the main courtyard where they are uncovering what they think might be the great hall as well as a road to the river. I could be wrong here though as the pic I took of the info board was one of the pure whites. The other dig is below ground, directly underneath the souvenir shop. Here they've found evidence of a sally port, defensive walls and pre-Norman dwellings. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid.
Anyway.... today is another day. Camera batteries are both fully charged.


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