Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a long way to Tipperary

So I think I'll go somewhere else. Actually, it's just down the road but I think I'm going to head for the coast today. Had enough of urbanity for a while.
Limerick is surprisingly shabby, particularly the "medieval quarter" around the castle. I had a look at St John's Cathedral yesterday - impressive. There were a number of people inside but the silence was overwhelming. I felt a bit embarrassed by the echoing noise of my camera. Great stained glass though and exceptionally ornate altars. The central altar is made from some lovely marble.


St John's Church, directly across the road from the cathedral, has an interesting graveyard but the church itself is empty. It looks like it's been turned into a meeting/music type venue. Maybe a youth club - it had that look about it.
Most of the other medieval places were closed. I was looking through the gate at one place and a guy got out of his van to tell me, "We might have a key in a couple of hours." Right. This is a crazy country :)

Time to hit the road while the sun's out...


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