Monday, May 23, 2011


Well here I am in Edinburgh and it's blowing a gale. Positively gaelic! The castle is closed, the gardens are closed, the cruise boats are cancelled, the Firth of Forth bridge is closed. Holyroodhouse Palace is closed till June because the Church of Scotland has taken it over for something or other.
Hopefully the weather will improve and things will open up again!

Edinburgh looks like a really nice town. It's clean and there's a real feeling of space about the place. Today I wandered along Princes Street, alongside the gardens with the castle perched on its rock beyond them. There are statues of various Scottish notables along the edge of the gardens. The Scott Monument (Sir Walter Scott) is impressive. I'll get a decent photo later I hope.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the stranger sights was the tartan scaffolding outside a shop.

Tartan scaffolding

I sure hope the weather improves as I think I'm going to enjoy exploring this town.


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9fragments - CJStrahan said...

I hope the weather clears up, too ... maybe the scaffolding was getting cold? Or people stagger about a lot up there?

Hey - I got your card today and you are TOO GENEROUS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! I will keep it: you might just need it when you come home ... if you ever come home. Or maybe it's the basis of my Europe Savings and you have to stay until September after the Shakepeare and I'll come and join you?

Och aye the noo ... you're a goodie, Ms Jules (but naughty!)