Saturday, March 5, 2011


Checked out of Rome about 10 this morning. I dialled Pompei into TimTamTom, avoiding motorways, and it brought up a route down the coast. 5 hours. That's okay, I thought, I'm in no hurry. Ha, Pompei is 2 hours away. The other 3 hours are the time it takes to negotiate through the back streets of Rome to actually get out of the city. I gave up after about 40 minutes and headed for the motorway. No sense of adventure, me.
I was hoping the weather would improve as I got further south. Instead it steadily deteriorated. Rain, rain and more rain.

Welcome to Pompei

This is the street I came off the motorway on to. Sheesh!

I'd never really registered how mountainous a country Italy is. I could see mountains both sides of me all the way. Many were snow-capped too. Would have been really pretty if not for the rain. The mountains look like they were thrown up in a hurry: very steep and pointy. That's the official geological term by the way.

The plan for tomorrow is to spend all day wandering the ruined city. Don't know what I'll do if it's pouring down. Fingers crossed.


PS. Oh yeah.... not taking any more toll roads. 13 euros. Should've stuck to the back roads!

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9fragments - CJStrahan said...

Maybe you should have hired a boat ... ?